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Annabel - we can't believe it :o latest update

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It seems crazy that the breeder wants to charge you for the puppy!


If you do decide to pay the breeder, it would surely be acceptable to first deduct the cost of all the vets bills (incl petrol), food, vaccinations etc etc.


Or come to an agreement where you pay her if you sell the pup.


I totally agree; they are being bang out of order in expecting you to pay them; I think I'd tell them where to get off myself, especially if you've incurred expenses in caring for Annabel and the pup.


Thank goodness she's now with someone who obviously cares for her and her baby.

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I have just read this post for the first time and Well done Annabel for doing such a good job at such an age too.

In no way is the breeder in any right to claim anything from you for Annabel or the pup.

I used to breed Yorkies , so the points are ;

1) If Annabel had a miss mating and a stud fee was paid , then the breeder is entitled to a free mating next time.Hence two miss matings ( possibly dogs fault not girls) So Annabel may have been over friendly with one of breeders boys.Unknown to the breeder.

2) If i had paid for further matings there is no way i would part with any of my dogs until i knew they were not in whelp,keeping them well past expected whelping date, also my girls, if parted with were spayed prior to going.

3) The breeder has parted with an intact girl with no contract for breeding rights with you , so is not entitled to any pups whether she came in whelp or you mated her after getting her.

4) No selling/ purchase fees exchanged hands so is not contractually binding in any way.

5) Please take note ******** If the girl is a KC registered Dog and her papers are retained by the owner, you can not register any future pups ( little chap included) but also KC should be notified You are the new owners .

6) Is the lovely Annabel Chipped ? as this needs to be transferred to your name/address also.

7) Enjoy the new addition to your family.

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