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Omlet Cook Book Part 1

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With all the recipes we have on here, why cant Omlet produce a cookbook and with all the profits, either help the battery hens, or divide them amongst us Omletteers.. :lol::lol: ( well it was worth a try, :lol: ) ( well it would help us get more chickens ........ or even help rescue some more.


Or put them to something useful.......


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what a good idea

i made a cookbook a few years ago, it was quite hard work putting it together.

i used to teach at a lovely independent school and part of every teachers job is to teach life skills or pse each week. i used to have the upper six and i used to take them into the school kitchens and teach them to cook before they went off to uni. they loved it (apart from the washing up!!)

anyway i ended up making a huge spiral bound book for them to take to uni. i added tips and ideas as well as loads of recipies. as far as i know from the feedback they were well used and quite a few of the teachers had one.

obviously yours would be for a different market but you could start at the spiral bound route and then get it properly published later.

i would certainly buy one.

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I dont think anyone can own rights to a recipie can they?? I guess each recipe could have a creator / author and if it was a famous one it could be published as an unknown......


I guess they may have some copyright on an exact text been copied from say their own cook book.......

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is there anybody on here who know about copyright law?

i would think that most of the things we make everyday have had their roots from a cookery book somewhere. if the recipe is changed and the weights of the ingredients are not the same and the ingredients themselves are different, it is surely not under copyright is it?

you could get everone to sign to say its their own then omlet would be covered if it is taken from a book.

if it was for the BHWT omlet could ask jamie and joules oliver to donate a recipe, and jim from jimmies farm, that would really sell the books.

you could get organic produce companies to help fund it, in exchange for small adverts.

oh no i am not going to sleep tonight thinking about it!!

at least it will distract me from thinking about uppsy who is out and i cant find her.

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Have been thinking about this, and come up with few thoughts (three more than normal :D )


Isn't Anthony Worral Thompson a support of BHWT, am sure he could come up with a receipe


and what about asking the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire, she has produced the Chatsworth cookbook and is a renowned hen devotee ?


And doesn't Jamie Oliver have an eglu (he had a receipe for curried scoth eggs baked in the oven (a sainsbury's card), never tried it


And surely Tim Henman would have one ?


Also... keep some of my cookbooks in the downstairs loo (long story), and found.... All Gourmets Great and Small, by Clive and Angela Russell-Taylor (some proceedes going to RSPCA), printed in 1988, they asked celebrities for receipies and a photo/chat on their pet.


John Francombe was then married to Miriam and their photogrpah was with their Patridge Cochin, Hazel, and their receipe was for Hazel's Delight, greek yoghurt with grapes and grapenuts, my sort of receipe, the method is "mix all ingredients together"


So lots of scope out there.



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