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our kittens

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Hi all,

We finally got our kittens one and a half week ago, I picked them up as soon as we came home from our holidays (I was at their previous house exactly 30 mins after getting home from Corsica, goes to show how keen I was), and my daughters, who still had no idea we were getting kittens, were totally delighted... taking them home was an emotional, sweet, unforgettable moment, and we have been totally taken by them since... we could watch them play all day long... they are very sweet, well settled and very affectionate too. We're over the moon!!!!

The white one is female, the other two are male...







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We're just back from the vet, kittens got a checkup and vaccine and flea/worm treatment... vet said they are very healthy kittens...

It is lovely to get them so young (though obviously it was lovely to get my older cats from blue cross too, never regretted it, they are wonderful cats), it's like they will be part of the family for their whole life...

The little female will not be having a litter, we are planning to neuter them all when they reach the right age...


One thing that struck me when I was looking for them, scrolling through many ads, both from rescue centres and from private households, was the number of pets given away all the time for no good reasons at all... searching for those kittens was a heartbreaking job... so many people advertise a pet for sale (dog, cats, rabbits, any pet) for such reason as 'kids lost interest', 'i have no time for him/her', 'i just got him and love him to bits but am moving house', 'i just got a new job and can't look after my six months old puppy any more', 'i have no space for him/her'... I don't mean to appear cruel or like i am jumping to angry conclusions, but it is frightening the number of people who get pets without giving it any proper thoughts and careful considerations, then give them up to a rescue nearly instantly... It makes me kind of understand why some rescue places are so unpleasant at times when people call in to offer a pet a home, they must see so many people changing their minds or giving up their pets for bad reasons, they maybe lose trust in everyone...


Anyway, I love one thing about this site, and that's the way people on here all fuss and talk about their pets in such a wonderful and loving way... It's heartwarming after reading all those horrible, puzzling ads...

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