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hellooo im a newbie!!

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Yo dudes!!!

does any1 no how 2 add a picture to my signiture... i think thats wot i mean... u no the bit above where it says something like "all knowing super chicken" cos i have a v funny animation 2 put up BUT I DONT KNOW HOW 2 DO IT!!! :?


if any1 knows could u please please pleeeeease write it in english cos computers r scary things and i dont get their language!!

:oops::oops: !!!![/b]

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hello and welcome.


the bit you are looking for is in your profile, if you look under the green banner, you'll see profile there, click on it and it will take you to all of your personal waffle. :D


the picture is called the avatar. if you give me a minute, ill find the instructions to adding more info to your profile - its under a sticky on one of the threads.


back soon :lol:

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How to do your signature is in this thread - http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=12932 and this is how you add an avatar under your name.


To add an avatar to your profile, you need to trawl through the internet search engines (Google's good) looking for "animated avatars" or "animated GIFs". When you find one you like - it doesn't have to be animated if you'd prefer a less manic one - you click the right hand button of your mouse over it and a menu will come up. The picture has to be less than 12K or no more than 80 pixels high or wide so click on "Properties" to see if it's the right size. On the menu, select "Save picture as" - in the box that comes up when you do that, you can choose where the picture will be stored on your computer. I always put them straight into "My Pictures" which is the file the computer automatically selects for you. Click "save". The picture is then stored in a file ready for use. Right, now go into "Profile" in this forum and find the "Upload Avatar from your machine" bit at the bottom. You need to click on the "Browse" button to find where your picture is stored. You'll see the "My Pictures" file automatically appear when you do that and all you have to do is find the name of the picture you've saved. Double click on that name and it should appear in the box next to the "Browse" button. All you now have to do is click "Submit" and it should be in your profile.
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