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Hurray for the new cube and chooks! (piccies attached)

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What a weekend it has been, new cube on Friday, new chooks on Saturday and first eggs today :D


It has taken a while to figure out but if you click on my gallery link below I should have three albums charting these momentous occasions :lol:


Im sorry some of the chook pictures are a bit blurry but the weather has been horrendous here this weekend ... typical hey?


Many thanks to Emma AKA Crafthunnypie who put me in touch with Craeg Mhor Poultry and too all of you who have made me feel so welcome to the forum


Watch this space for lots of questions over the next few days, weeks months....years!!!!

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Oh I love the red cube! If I could have another - I think it would be red. It's lovely!

Oh I do like the warrens with their fluffy bottoms. Your chooks are a lot older than the ones I got - mine have hardly any combs yet, just little pink beads on their heads. The leghorn has the most comb, tiny pink spikes.

Your chooks combs are bright bright red - no wonder you've had eggs. I'm so pleased for you!

Looks like they have all settled in nicely - I see they like the ladder! :wink:


Have fun with them



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I can't stop grinning, im like a cheshire cat!!!


Had a few problems convincing the Warrens - Hermione & Henrietta to go into the cube last night, tried the torch trick without any luck so this evening I threaded some sticks into the ladder to assist the proceedings and it worked!!! They Leg horns (who seem to be at the top of the pecking order - especially Hafwen) went to bed first, as they did last night, followed by the two red star's and then Henrietta climbed up, Hermione did a few steps around the cube, realised she was on her own and then followed the rest of them up..... I then shot over and closed the door before any of them could have second thoughts!


Morgan (the black & white Springer Spaniel) is still staring out of the window at the cube wondering where they have all gone :lol:

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Love the pictures, we've got lots of pictures of the 1st eggs, I photographed them when they were laid, then there was me with the egg, then OH with the egg, then the egg being fried....!! is amazing how excited you can get over an egg, friends must think we're very strange, I think until you actually have chickens of your own you don't understand how exciting it is!

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Thank you all for all your lovely comments, Barkley the dog has now lost complete interest in the chickens (which we suspected would happen) he is very laid back, however Morgan :twisted: is still planning which one to have for his dinner... I have found that a water pistol is helping distract him some what from his decision :wink:

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Our two greyhounds, Oz and Gypsy, and both are somewhat homicidal towards the chickens :evil: We are hoping as the chooks have only been here a week that the dogs will lose interest :pray:


However, Gypsy is VERY focused and keeps trying to grab the girls through the mesh :twisted: Nothing will distract her - as we're dragging her back in to the house it doesn't even break her concentration til the hen house is out of her sight!


We have a couple of old pallets and some trellis propped up as a barrier - very stylish :shock:

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