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Whats up with my spuds?

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OH & I emptied out all our spud sacks today and all most all of the Maris Piper spuds look like these in the picture. :(


Whats gone wrong? Is it blight? If so what should we do with the soil that the spuds were grown in? :?


All the Charlotte spuds have turned out ok though :D



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It certainly looks like potato blight :( Sadly that means discarding the soil you grew them in because the spores would still be active. I don't know whether it would be ok in the composter. I think the heat of a composter would kill the spores but I'm not certain :?

You've had shoddy luck with your spuds this year Em, first no flowers and now fungally spuds :wink:

Better luck next time :D

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