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How many Large Breed Speckled Sussex / Orpington

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 Hi I’m hoping somebody can help me I just ordered an  cube I am in the US originally from the UK 🇬🇧 I have scoured the Internet trying to find pictures of large breeds within the coop & Cube to see how much space they actually have versus what the brochure says it  will hold ?! looking for any information or photos so I can get a better idea of how my chickens are going to fit I have speckled Sussex. Thanks so much and stay warm !!!! 🌨❄️

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Hello and welcome.  Lots of bods here to help.  I'm not on here often - but I can help with this, I think - hope!  I had 3 Orpingtons to begin with and there was plenty of room for more.  Then it became 2 orpies (one died) but had 3 chicks that grew to be 2 buff Sussex (one was a boy - was roasted after he started crowing - he was a girl up to that point) and a cuckoo maran, so that became 2 big ladies with 3 slightly smaller sizes for a short while before it became 4.  We then took on another member's birds which were bantams - 3 pekins and a silkie.  All 8 birds were fine and still plenty of room, although I felt that was quite enough.  We did have an issue with the buff Sussex when she started laying - she wanted the whole area to herself and yelled until other ladies were removed (and had to wait till madam came out).  We had an Eglu for the introductions which came in very handy for those ladies who couldn't cross their legs any longer - and happy to share.  In the cube they will all snuggle up to each other.  Surprising how much room appears when you have to administer medicine and they all squash up as far away from you as possible.  I do think the mixed 8 were plenty, so perhaps 6 or 7 medium sized like the marans and probably 5 or 6 with the orpies or brahmas.  We did add a wooden ramp to the steps because the big ladies struggled a bit as they grew.

But perhaps other people will have different experiences.

Lol - we have some snow here now!  Speckled Sussex - very pretty girls. :)


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I used to keep 6 Large orps in a cube, including a cockeral. I wouldn't have any more. Also mine had free range access, so if you only have a run that is another serious consideration, although orps are better at being than many other breeds. In my experience Sussex are more active and need more space outside. I used to keep them as well, but not in a cube, but if I did then I would probably have 8 as an absolute max.

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