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Cate in NZ

Omleteers get together - Jan 14th Kew Gardens

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.... never mind the London Eye we have to take a trip to Tottenham Court Road tube station on the Northern Line where American Werewolf was filmed! :lol:


I'm sorry Dan, but that had me in stitches, although ity wasn't meant to be funny.

Errr...its a tube station, don't they all lokk the same? :shock: (Ducks to avoid missile)


Its just having travelled around London a lot, it sounded so funny.

But its great, I love your enthusiasm & its good to be passionate about hobbies.


Also, we can have lots of future Omlet meets as well as 14/1/. No limit to the venues we coulld choose!


Do we all need to wear red carnations at Kew or will we recognise each other? :wink:

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When we had the second Burner Bash (from the Raleigh Burner Forum) I put sticky labels on the front of everyone with their real name and user name on...


At the first Bash we were all talking to each other but "Ooops, word censored!"ody had the courage to say; "Do you know what? I haven't got a clue who you are..." and some of the quieter ones didn't really introduce themselves.


Dan, that's a good idea, I think that Lesley thought of that too. Shouldn't be a problem to do once we know who's coming.

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Yes, that is a good idea! Breaks the ice when you know who you're talking to! I think a lot of us will recognise each other from photographs in the Meet The Omleteers album (hint hint!!) anyway but name badges would be great.

...and good for getting weird looks on the train travelling home. We should all print out our avatars, easier to remember than names.

Plus, sorry Louise & Chookiehen, but I was also, like Dan, going to say I'd try & get to Scotland for a summer bash, but thought you'd think I was a weedy southerner. Which I am! :wink:

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huh - tell me about it....




hee hee hee hee hee hee hee

I dont think you've even experienced the teensiest weensiest bit of nagging from Clare .........yet :twisted:


You're soooo right Mel! But I have promised to be on my best behaviour and not to embarrass grd if he comes! So Kate and I won't be telling him to get his pants out!

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