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Cate in NZ

Omleteers get together - Jan 14th Kew Gardens

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Some way back I think BADGES were mentioned. I was going to make some for our small get-together in July but I didn't. I had printed out everyone's Avatar ready and was going to use those as we all recognise them so easily.


Can I suggest, that as there are so many going to Kew, that we each make our own name badges? It would save one person having to try and

co-ordinate the lot?


I have to admit that it is mostly for my benefit as my memory goes AWOL so often these days :oops:

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(..... climp, clump, climp, clump, climp, clump, clump, climp, climp, clump, climp, clump) Hello. I've just wandered over from the Worst Jokes thread where we were getting a bit off topic.


Mrs Richard T (aka HennyPenny) and I are hoping to come along to this and it was suggested that the rest of the family could come too. But they are no longer of an age where they can be dragged on family days out ...... unless any of you have daughters who intend to spend the day lying on customised cars wearing bikinis, in which case we might be able to get one of them interested.

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