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Cate in NZ

Omleteers get together - Jan 14th Kew Gardens

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Good luck when you go to Kew, and it was nice speaking to you last week.

Imy sounds like Rosie; she's exactly the same :roll:. All I can say is that they'd both better find rich men!

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Now my boss has decided she does want me to go to Leicester on the 13th (despite senior management saying I didnt have to go!) Obviously she thinks I have nothing better to do than be in Leicester on a Friday (no offence to Leicester, but I am kind of keen on being at home on a Friday) So I have said I will go, but will probably stay that night and travel down to Kew in the morning - so do you still want a lift Gina :roll::roll: Mind you, dont hold your breath, my boss will probably change her mind again :evil:

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Thanks Sheila

Unfortunately my boss is often like this - I should know by now - but basically if she's having a bad day then she wants someone else to share it with. She used to really pick on me until one day I stood up to her and (in a voice not dissimilar to Grant Mitchell) I actually said "I am NOT having this!" Now she tends to leave me alone, but, this week I am public enemy number one (she's too much of a coward to speak to me direct and e-mails little snidey comments) I just ignore them and send bright and breezy e-mails back. But it does make my blood boil

sorry :oops:

rant over :wink::roll:

nearly the weekend :D

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