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Cate in NZ

Omleteers get together - Jan 14th Kew Gardens

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:(:(:(:(:( Why arent you talking to me? :(




I ALWAYS get you and Alpefamily mixed up - Kate A said I smelled :cry::cry::cry:



Of course you can borrow the Lear on the 14th - you do have a pilots license, don't you?!

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I've just found I have to be in Leicester for a course on Friday 13th - Friday in Leicester for heavens sake - you can see that the course has been arranged by someone who lives there!! As it is about 3.5. hours drive for me I am dithering about whether to stay the night in Leicester and then drive down to Kew in the morning, rather than drive all the way back to Dorset Friday night (Friday night !!!!!!) and then up to London. Do any of you "north of Watfords" know how long it might take to drive to London from Leicester.

I am SO cross about this - do the people not think that some of us might have lives outside of work - I already have a course in Leicester on Monday 19th December - Mondy for heavens sake!!!!! I have nothing against Leicester per se, but the thought of driving up and down the motorways, in the winter, at some stupid time, drives me crazy. And I refuse to stay in a hotel the night before the December course - I am not sitting in a poxy Travel Lodge on a Sunday night the week before Christmas for anyone.

Phew :shock:

Sorry :oops:

Got a bit carried away there :oops::oops::oops:

In case anyone has lost the will to live, the question is how long will it take to get from leicester to London on a Saturday morning.

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  • Omlet Staff

Hi guys,


Just to let you know that several of us from Omlet will be coming to the Kew get together. I would be great to meet you all and perhaps show you some of the new ideas that we have in the pipeline.


I'll et you know exactly who will coming nearer the time,



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That's great to hear James, I am soo looking forward to it,a nd glad to hear that you chaps are going to be there. Better not bring Simon, or Louise will be down south like a shot! :shock:


Gina, Mel - glad to hear that you've got your socialising organised :wink:


What exactly do you mean Clare :oops:

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