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Omleteers get together - Jan 14th Kew Gardens

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The forum's a funny place really, don't get me wrong, I absolutely love it (hence the fact that I waste so much time on it :roll: ) and I really feel like I've got to know so many of you really well, but have actually only ever met 2 other forum members, and them very, very briefly, more's the pity. Oh, and my claim to fame.... I've met Simon of the bottom :wink: But I think we reveal so much of ourselves on here, and I think knowing so much about each other seems as if the initial "getting to know you" first meeting barriers have been broken down already, without ever seeing each other. Oh, boy, that sounds convoluted even to me- there might be an edit coming on when I can sort out what I'm trying to say :shock: .


I posted several days ago about a London get-together, and I'm sorry but I went very quiet on the subect after that. I am still very keen on the idea though if some of you are too. I've been trying to think around the venue thing though, London's a mighty big place and I'm sure there's some perfect places, but I'm not sure where. Ideas so far:


Kew Gardens, lovely gardens, several nice cafes which serve nice teas/ coffees, cakes etc, and I know for sure that they use organic/ free range produce. Cafes aren't expensive, but I'm pretty certain that you have to pay to get into the gardens, and I'm not sure if it's possible to do one without the other. I'm there early Dec as daughter's ice skating there (cousin's bithday party)so I can check that out


Chelsea Physic Garden. I've not been there for years, and never in winter, but it's open for first 2 sundays in Feb, and it has a tea-room, I can find out more about it if that seems a good option.


Afternoon tea in a hotel. Preferably not too grand (The Ritz is out for me, I don't want to have to wear twin-set & pearls), but some of them seem a bit more down to earth, and definitely more reasonably priced, and they are generally pretty central.


Those are just my first ideas, please post/ PM if anyone has any better ideas, because I'm not convinced that mine are the best, and I'll keep thinking too. We've got to do this :D

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Clare I'm thinking about after Christmas now, maybe sometime between mid Jan & early Feb :? . It'd be nice to do something once all the excitement and activity of Christmas is over, and to have something to look forward to, because I always find January such a miserable month, cold, miserable and dark evenings. I don't know if that would suit everyone else though:?

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Sorry been busy and now have a miserable cold, not good with daisie up for a wild run round in a cold field!!


Feb 18th/19th may be ok for me, not sure if I'm too late. If you want to do earlier I'll understand but I have alot happening because of the big '40' :shock::shock: Thanks for offer Clare! :wink: kew sounds nice.


We can always do something else another time too!!



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I'm planning on the London meet up for Kew on Sat 14th Jan, I think, I hope that I've just PM'd everyone within easy travelling distance of London and/ or those who'd expressed interest in the thread. If I've not PM'd you please let me know, my geography and memory are dreadful, so it's not a deliberate omission. It'd be great to see as many people as can make it, although I suspect that this simply isn't going to be convenient for everyone, but hopefully if it's a success we can do it again. We could have nationwide Omlet get-togethers :D:D

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I'd like to come too please!


There are several of us in the Oxfordshire area and en route to London - maybe we could arrange some kind of transport share??


Shona and louise - sorry we can't visit you, I LOVE Scotland, especially in Winter. I usually try to go climbing in February, if so I'll try and visit then!

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We should be able to make it. Daughter, granddaughter and I are sharing a birthday visit to the London Eye. Depends on the time chosen for the Eye as we want to start in daylight and finish when the lights are on. I'll have to study sunset times etc.


(I've been 'encouraging' Kate to 'encourage' her LSH - OK - I'm a bully :roll: )

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