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Cate in NZ

Omleteers get together - Jan 14th Kew Gardens

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Some way back I think BADGES were mentioned. I was going to make some for our small get-together in July but I didn't. I had printed out everyone's Avatar ready and was going to use those as we all recognise them so easily.


Can I suggest, that as there are so many going to Kew, that we each make our own name badges? It would save one person having to try and

co-ordinate the lot?


I have to admit that it is mostly for my benefit as my memory goes AWOL so often these days :oops:


Brilliant idea Lesley - will do

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I am hoping to join in with the Kew get together it is a long way, but how could I miss out it sounds like it is going to be such good fun, and the biggest get together so far........... :lol: Save me a place on the naughty table I have a feeling we are going to need a lot of chairs.

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Back to the Kew thing :roll:

Ha, ha, this has to be a rare occurence, me steering something back on topic :oops:

But I've had a few extremely stressful days at work, so I'm only just catching up with the forum, and it looks like the Kew get-together is getting bigger by the minute. I am getting slightly anxious about numbers. Largely because in January the weather could be horrendous, and, spoilt brat that I am, I want to be able to get round and meet everyone. Hugs with Clare, photo's with Dan, a handshake with Lesley, and a peek at grd & Simons' pants. Sorry Grd, that was a joke- promise- handshake or a hug instead :? Kew won't reserve us space in their restaurants being such a large group unless we're spending serious money there ie lunch, and the implication is eat & go. I've been working on morning coffee, but with so many of us we can't guarantee all sitting together. The smaller the group the more likely that is, but up till the latest flurry of postings I was working on 44-ish, it's now looking like more.

I have a couple of possible alternative venues where group size and time spent chatting won't be an issue, but neither are as attractive as Kew, and I don't know if I can secure them at this late notice, but will make enquiries. They are central London though :D

Could people who are seriously interested please PM me with numbers (children & adults) so that I can try to get a grip on numbers, and then I can take it from there? Thank you

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Kate, you're doing a splendid job :D Virtual massage on it's way after your stressful days.


After meeting (Super) Kate in one of the nicest garden centres I've been to in ages, we spent more time chatting than we did 'looking' round, so maybe if the numbers are going to be HUGE, we will spend more time saying Hi than actually taking in the niceities of Kew. If Kew isn't far away, and people still want to go, maybe that's something that a few can do after the initial meet :idea::?:


I think you are right, and we will all be happy with a coffee, a chair and a chin wag to start.

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