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As the feeder and drinker for my second hand go up are sunbleached and broken I hAve to buy new ones. What would be the best feeders and drinkers for my 2 metre run. I want to give my 2 chucks the most space as they will be in their run when I am at work and I plan to put a dirt bath in the run so was considering buying the original glug and grub as they look smaller. What do others think?

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I have a metal parrot dish attached to the run inside a plastic (Ikea) crate. I made some holes in the crate so the bolt of the parrot dish hangy uppy thing sticks through it and attached it to the run. If you have a small number of (small) birds, a parrot dish will do just fine. I just fill it with what they eat each day. And the crate keeps the rain out. Gravity feeders also need to be kept dry and I agree they take up space.

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4 hours ago, Microstead said:

Thank you everyone. 


DM what's wrong with the grubs? I'm trying to save run space as I only have a 2m run. I imagine the gravity and galvernised feeders will be too big for the run?

They have a shallow lip, so the food gets raked out. Bear in mind that all chooks like to rake food out with their beaks and then scratch through it with their feet. A gravity feeder with a 'hat' to stop them perching on top, or a trough like this are best IMHO. they come in different sizes.


Believe me, i have tried all sorts of things over the years.

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