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1 chick when we went to bed 8 this morning

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Despite a multitude of problems we have successfully managed to hatch some chicks.


We have 2 bantoms who are forever going broody so bought 12 mixed eggs on Ebay. 24 hours later the girls decided they were no longer broody! typical!


So we bought an Incubator and got another 10 eggs with it, (Hubby having nightmares while I'm thinking CUBE!!!!! :lol::lol: )


2 weeks into incubation the incubator broke and the place we got it from is closed for 3 weeks on holiday so had to fork out for another :(:(


So the eggs have had a long journey and quite a rocky one but last night before we went to bed we met our 1st chick and this morning there are 8 :D:D:D


We are soooo happy as they are clearly strong and healthy to have survived the disturbed incubation period.


I will post some pics later when we move them into the brooder as you can't see a lot through the incubator at the mo.

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Absolutely no idea! :?


We bought a 'pick and Mix' set of 12 eggs from ebay for people who aren't too bothered about breed just wanting a mix of colour for their garden.


Thenwe got another 10 eggs with the incubator (the broodies decided they were no longer broody!) we know that he gave us 3 types of eggs cream legbar jubilee orpington and something else! E are hoping for 2 girl legbars as 2 blue eggs hatched, I'm gutted though as the white egg hasn't.


We are leaving the remaining eggs in over night as 2 have chips in them but we think that 11 is the final tally.

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