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Odd Droppings

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Updated sticky! All you need to know about droppings :wink:



Strange Droppings


Runny Droppings


White runny droppings


Foamy Orange/Yellow Droppings


Eating droppings


It is important to remember that chickens produce a veritable feast (!) of droppings, all colours, types and aromas.


Just because your hen produces a dodgy dropping once on a while, doesn't mean that they are ill. The orange/foamy droppings come from the caecum and is a 'clear out' poo. It stinks, but is perfectly normal. :D One in every ten is a clear out (approximately).


If you hen has persistent diarrhoea and is showing signs of illness i.e hunched, fluffed up and generally unwell, then worming could be the answer. If you are unsure, take her to a vet for a check up.

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Yeah what is the yellow korma type poo about. I let my girls out to free range for the first time today, and no sooner than I let them out than I think then Missy did 2 bright yellow complete liquid poos! They smell awfull and look just like custard, bright yellow, no lumps, nothing solid, literaly the colour and consistancy of custard. This has of course now freeked the hell out of me, they havent had been free ranging before so no acccess to slugs and the like, and the rest of them are pooing fine, and she seems fine. Whats going on???

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Could I add another type of dropping to the assortment please.


This photo was sent to me by a customer who's chicken has been very ill indeed.




The sulphur yellow, foamy dropping is a sign of a disease called Blackhead or Histamonosis which is caused by a protozoan parasite infecting the gut.


Other symptoms of this disease include:



Loss of appetite .

Poor growth.

Darkened or blue tinged comb.

Blood in faeces (chickens)

Progressive depression and emaciation.


Hens displaying these symptoms along with the sulphur yellow, foamy droppings should be seen by a vet so that an appropriate wormer can be given. Verm -X is NOT effective against this condition.


For more information on Histamonosis, see


The Poultry Site

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