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And then there were two

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So, “Little Bit” is now not so little any more and has been called Merlot. She is 7 weeks old and Mum has lost interest and is laying again. So, with Nutmeg needing Layer Pellets and Merlot Grower Pelets, I’ve decided Nutmeg should go back with the others and Merlot therefore needed a companion in her part of the run (any excuse for more hens!). Welcome Muscat, a 6 week old Buff Orpington. 


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57 minutes ago, The Dogmother said:

The buff is sweet - was cuddling one at Cotswold Chickens on Friday while doing some filming.... so soft.

This one came from John at Old Dairy Poultry. After I explained the special situation I had he was willing to sell me a single chick. I would have happily taken two if I could, but that would have taken me over a dozen birds and I know the Buff Orps can get very big (I’ve had two before), so hence just the one extra chick this time. 

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Just a quick update, this is Merlot and Muscat today (Merlot is now 9 weeks, Muscat is at 7 weeks).

It took Merlot a couple of days to accept Muscat, but they seem firm friends now. If anything, I think Muscat might end up ‘in charge’ in the long run. 


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