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Sexing young chickens

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So I would like to buy as young as possible chicks but need them to be female. How reliable are so called sexed chicks. From what I have read many breeds are not sexable until they are older say 16 weeks or so. I am mostly interested interested in warrens. Tia.


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I have no idea about warrens other than that because, I think, they’re often kept commercially I would think you can get them as sexed day olds but I wouldn’t know where from or if you can get small numbers.

Alternatively, some breeds, such as Cream Legbars are autosexing - that means the male and female chicks have different coloured feathers so you can fairly reliably tell the difference as soon as they hatch.

Most experienced breeders would be able to sex youngsters of a lot of breeds way before 16 weeks. For instance I’ve now had / hatched pekins three times, and I’m reasonably confident in sexing from about 3 or 4 weeks with them.

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