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X Factor

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Get rid of Rydd. What a conceited twit.


I'm sorry to say it but a blond man is no use to me whatsoever.


I was sorry not to see young Dominic get through. He had a very natural talent.


It was only momentary but did you clock the look of triumph on Raquel's face when the news about Cici (?sp) was broken.


Can't decide who I'm backing yet.

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I was aghast that Rhyd got through too - what was danni thinking?

Maybe it was a show of solidarity to someone else with a weirdly spelt name?


More likely they know he will make good TV- like Chico last year :roll:


But to put him in over that boy with the wonderful voice....can't remember his name, but Danni was just BEAMING when he sang :?


I am glad the brother & sister duo went through, & also the mad girl who is just like Nikki from BB last year 8)

Sad that the big group of geeky boys didn't go through.


I am backing the gorgeous young single Dad......

The Daughters like the young Gothy boy with the rock voice.

Hubby is being predictable & backing the gorgeous young girl in the girls section, with the bright eye make up & wonderful fluffy hair (Alisha) :roll:

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I enjoy having a laugh at the hopeless people on X-factor and it is a good education for Jules and Harry as to the pitfalls of being over confident...


Young people seem super confident at presenting / interviews and stuff like that these days. I don't know what goes on in schools but I guess they must be pushing that side of things a lot more than when I was there because I had no confidence at interviews etc. when I started work.


Confidence is fine, provided you have the skills and talent to back it up.


I totally agree. I love watching the audition rounds to see the lazy overconfident parent-pushed Numpties get introduced to the word 'No'.

Schadenfreude is such a guilty pleasure....but I may stop watching it now as the people they have put though are unbelievably mediocre.


Chart Throb by Ben Elton is a great read, apparently he didnt have a source for it just used his knowledge of the business to guess what went on and was spot on according to those in the know.

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I guess that Rydd chap is a "love 'im or hate 'im" kind of personality - personally I can't stand the chap, but there must be people out there that'll like him. He can definately sing, and carries an aura of self-confidence about him, unlike Chicco who COULD'T sing, but just had that 'air' (couldn't stand him either!). As for the groups, I was GUTTED that the 'geeks' didn't get through - they are about the only act I would have voted for this year - the rest seem fairly non-descript and boring this year.


Never mind - it'll be 'Strictly' in this house this year! :lol:

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I love watching the audition rounds to see the lazy overconfident parent-pushed Numpties get introduced to the word 'No'.

Schadenfreude is such a guilty pleasure....but I may stop watching it now as the people they have put though are unbelievably mediocre.


Absolutely agree with all of the above. I wish I'd written it myself!


They are mediocre, every one of them


What gets me down is the fact that they all have to play the "poor me" card.


Nikki can't stop referring to her late father. Many of us have lost our fathers but don't mention it in every sentence to gain advantages.


Emily nearly died following a ruptured appendix. I'm delighted that she has made a full recovery....but it is a singing contest so what is the relevance. She is too young and immature and is doing the "you've got to pick me because otherwise I won't be able to face my classmates" routine with it's overtones of "if I fail and have to go back to the real world, I'll be bullied, and it will be your fault for not picking me, not my fault because my singing wasn't good enough"


Daniel has lost both his parents. So have loads of other people. And he is a single parent and has to mention it at every turn. Who looks after the child? I'm guessing that it is it's mother, although I could be wrong.


Leon has been brought up by a single parent. I'm sure she did a wonderful job, and it can't have been easy.....but again, what is the relevance in terms of his singing ability.


Beverley is an emotional blubbering wreck who tries to pull at every heartstring imaginable. This week it was the "I was abandoned by my teenage mother", when she really means "my teenage mother did what she thought was best for me and put me up for adoption because she realised that she couldn't look after me and that I would have had a better future with a stable family, and look at me now I'm a primary school teacher, something I might not have achieved if she had kept me".


Someone needs to tell her that her hairstyle is not doing her any favours either.


I watch it with a kind of fascinated horror. I reckon they all realise they are mediocre and their desperation to gain one up on the others by trying to outdo all the other sob stories is grisly to observe.


It is almost like cheating.


But it is a singing contest, and if you can't sing, all the hard luck stories in the world aren't going to give you the X Factor. :?

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Whoo hoo Egluntine we seem to be on a roll! :lol:

The quote that had me laughing this week was Nikki sobbing some twaddle about her dad "Looking down on me and seeing what I'm going through" 9.gif Hmmm....what exactly are you 'going through' hun? Chemotherapy? Imprisonment? Divorce? Oh sorry no you're in a singing competition. Wow.

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Going through???? :shock::shock:She entered the competition. No-one forced her. :?


And where exactly is she enduring this terrible ordeal?

Can't remember exactly, but it is either in unbelievable luxury in America, unbelievable luxury in Spain or unbelievable luxury in Ibiza. My heart bleeds. :roll:

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Christian, sorry to take this thread off topic. But it really is my favourite show of all time. My skyplus is 50% full of recorded epsiodes that I've seen dozens of times before! :roll:


It makes me laugh, makes me cry and the characters are SO believable. And the clothes are fab.


I'll shut up now :silenced:


back on topic........ :whistle::lol:

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