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How much room needed when transporting?

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I’ve found what looks like a lovely home for one of my cockerel chicks, but it’s going to be the best part of a 3 hour drive (half with me and half with his new owner) to get there. How much room does he need during the journey and dark or light? 

Normally I put my chooks in a cat box when I need to transport them anywhere, but because there’s a handover involved here I can’t do that - there’s no way I’m risking him being uncontained at a motorway services so he’s going to have to go in some kind of box that I can just give to his new owner.

I have a small pet carrier (one of the boxes with handles that you get hamsters and the like in) that would fit the bill. There’s just enough room for him to stand / sit / turn around. But only just. And it’s pretty dark because it’s just a box with small ventilation holes cut in.

Would that be OK for his 3hr journey or does he need more light and space?


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I would just put him in a cardboard box, just a tiny bit bigger than him, with a bit of bedding.  Cut some holes on either side for carrying and a range of small holes up high for air/ventilation (before the bird is in there obviously!)  I would transport him the whole way like that so no faffing, or disturbance, opportunity for escape and you don't mind handing over the box!  I used to do it regularly.  A big orp in a big wine box, a smaller sussex in whatever I could get from the supermarket.  I put a seatbelt around the box on the back seat, but I have also put boxes in the boot before now, without the parcel shelf.  Enough air is obviously paramount, but honestly, most birds are not bothered at all, the dark quietens them down.

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I’d put him in a smallish container so he isn’t thrown around as you travel.   Best kept in the dark so he’ll just go to sleep.  I put them in the boot of my Picasso, with things packed around so the box doesn’t move. The middle back seat folds down so I can see the box. I put the radio on and drive. 

He’ll be fine.  

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