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Going on me Jollies!

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Well I'm off to France this weekend for just over a week. Can't wait, but not looking forward to the Ferry!!! I don't get sick, but I'm just scared because I have a very repetitive dream where the Ship is in the harbour, I'm on the quay side & the rest of my family are on the boat when it tips over!!! Just like the Zebrugge accident!!!! Horrid!


Anyway, we are staying in a thatched cottage & hopefully there will be some chickens around nearby pecking in the orchards! :roll:


We are about 5 minutes walk away from Honfleur - here.....




Looks nice doesn't it?! Hubby is like a big child - he loves his holidays! :lol: I come back the evening of my birthday, so I sort of get my birthday in France! Nice bit of French plonk to celebrate me thinks!!! :wink: Can't wait to get round those hypermarkets too & stuff the car boot full of goodies & booze!!!! Woohoo!



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CHRISTIAN!!!!!!!!!! :shock:


YOu just had to mention the ' f' word didn't you?? I have still got to brave it & go & gives the chickens their treat & shut them in later. It's been raining, so our little friends could be out!


I won't be eating amphibian legs, but I might eat escargot!!! I've had them before in garlic, very nice!



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I'm going to drive hubby mad today!!! :wink: Over excited like a big child!!!! Going town soon to get a bit of food to take with us for the journey & have a mooch round the market. The cottage sleeps 4 people, so we will have all that space just for us! No one we knew could get time off work, as they had used all this years holiday quota. We get the perks of working for ourselves, we can go away at the drop of a hat if we want to!

I'm getting worked up about the boat now - I shall have to go round the shop looking at perfumes & booze at least 10 times - how can I possibly be expected to sleep on a boat??

Anyone know of any good things to bring back from France? Apart from the Calvados Brandy, Wine & Cheese!!!!

I will try & pop on the forum whilst away, whether it be in an internet cafe or on my MDA phone gadget - hopefully it will work over there!


All that's left to do is strip the eglu & cube apart & give them a blitz with teatree oil & water - oh & a good mite powdering. Then I can go away with a piece of mind that they are happy! Hubby will be doing the gas bottle thing later to clean out the run! :lol:

I bet you any thing, that the newbies come into lay whilst we are away. They are 21 & 22 weeks old now (since Saturday) and showing signs! :roll:


Will pop on again later.



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