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hungry hippos chicken style

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if you go to www.boots.com and type in 'chicken feed' in the search box it will find the game.


It's in stock and can be delivered for £3.50 by Wednesday or next day delivery (Tuesday) for £5.50.


Our girls have bought it for us for Christmas - they're very good on the internet and of cousre they used their Egg credit card to pay for it :D:D:D:D


Merry Crimbo Everyone

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Lovely photo of Paul with his pressie - what a great idea.


Changing the topic somewhat. In your picture in the background of your Eglu - what is the big white plastic container? Is it a water hopper or a food hopper. Home made or bought?


I just looked big and good, and something that would be very useful in the summer for my girls when I move them up the lottie.


NO rush to reply. Just asked in passing.


Kind regards

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