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Must have chicken products?

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Nettex Poultry Tonic and also Nutri Drops are pretty useful especially for a girly that is feeling a bit under the weather.

Otherwise I have Sudocrem for them - for their feet as one of my Pekins seems to get itchy feet when they are moulting.

Used to have Flubenvet but these days I get the Marriages Medicated pellets.

And treats  - useful for getting chickens where you want them. 

Best of all, is a little children's bench - just right for an adult bottom - and little chickens to sit on your lap.

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A foyer dustpan and brush; just a dustpan and brush with long handles so that you don't have to bend down to poo pick the lawn. Couple of £'s from The Range I think (bought them years ago)? They use a much larger version for horses. A daily task made far quicker and easier on the back.

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