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Can I leave the Eglo Go coop door open at night?

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I am a newbie to chickens and have the Eglo Go with three hens. I have been closing the “bedroom” door each night and opening it each morning. I have read in this forum about some folks leaving the door open all the time, just as long as the run is secure. Is that really something I can do? Should I wait until winter is over before I do it so they can be snug and warm at night? 

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I beg to differ about chickens feeling the cold as I know someone who decided not to go outside when it was forecast -12C to shut the pop-hole of a small coop in a sheltered spot and the 3 buff Orpingtons froze to death.

As well as security it is a question of temperature, location (wind direction) and breed. From tonight I'll be shutting the pop-hole for our Cou-Nu because it's forecast 2C, they have less feathering and the coop is in an exposed location. Below -2C and we bring our bantams inside.

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On 1/15/2021 at 2:44 AM, Cazbaz said:

Hi I am new to chickens. I have 2 hyline girls and a 3 metre run and go up cube. Can I put them in the house at night and close the door? I’m in Perth Australia. I’m worried they’ll get too hot and thirsty?

I’m in New Zealand, so a bit cooler than Perth, but I leave my coop door open all the time. It can get reasonably hot, and hens struggle with heat.

However, my coop is inside a secure run, and I have an autodoor on the outside of the run, so I know they’re secure at night even with the coop door open.

if your run is secure, I’d leave the coop door open. I’ve noticed that my ladies all have a good drink before bedtime.

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My cube door is open all year round.  We’re in Oxfordshire where we get -12 in winter ( occasionally) and 30 degrees in summer  ( even less often! )  In fact, one group of bantams preferred to sleep on a high perch in the run all year round.  They went in during high winds and if the temperature fell to -6 or below.   The run is very well covered in winter though and in a sheltered position.  I take the covers off in summer heat.  

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