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Scotland's Highest Eglu?

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I think I may have mentioned that I'm fortunate to know a girl in the village of Wanlockhead (Scotland's highest village) http://www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk/wanlockhead/wanlockhead/index.html that takes all my boys that I hatch.

Tonight I went with my OH to drop off a CD (1st waltz suggestions for their wedding) to a couple in the village of Leadhills (Scotland's 2nd highest village!) and across the road I spotted a red eglu in a garden (gobsmacked, I always seem to think no-one else on earth owns an eglu or cube except me) Could this be the highest in Scotland? (don't think its a forum member, you need to wait about a week for dial-up up there :roll::lol: ).


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It is very pretty in Winter. Our school had an outdoor centre in Wanlockhead when I was young and we had many a weekend, cuddled round a big log fire telling ghost stories and sneaking back to our dorms for the alcohol we had hidden :roll: .

OH's house is a few miles 'down the hill' and I can't wait to move there soon - either to his house if we can get a bit of land nearby or buy another one with land. I have no patience - I want to move NOW :lol:

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