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Using Gelatine to set seafood terrine

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Hello, Oh wise ones !

I've made seafood mouses/terrines in the past that have been too 'soft' to slice easily - so decided to try adding some veg gelatin.

Bough a pack of "Sainsbury's Vegetarian Gel Sachets 6x6.5g ...for setting jellies, soufflés & *cheesecake* " but the only instructions seem to be to add to loads of water and boil  - which wouldn't  be possible for the cheesecake they mention  !

Any one know how I can use to set say, a crab&prawn terrine ?


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Just found this recipe - might have to get some of the pork gelatine.


M&S do a crab & king prawn terrine which I like - it's expensive but OK for a treat - I was thinking of trying to replicate


or might do terrine with 2 layers, one salmon, one crab&prawn, wrapped in the smoked salmon


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