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James H

Where can I get bantam sized egg cups?

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Following the arrival of our first egg from clebver blinky, when i sat down to eat my pekin banta sized egg i had no egg cup anywhere near the correct size for a bantam egg, i googled bantam eg cups and couldnt find any egg cups without a hen size egg cup stuck to it. Does anyone know where i can egt some bantam sized agg cups without a hen sized agg cup being stuck to it.

Thanks everyone :lol:

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You need to look at the local craft fairs. If you find a woodturner they may be able to make you some. We had bantams when I was little and my dad was into woodturning at the time and he made some egg cups that were the perfect size.


Cooking the egg to perfection is a different matter. I hate cooking boiled eggs for all 5 of us at once because they always seem to harden by the time they are all open and on the table. I can do it perfectly for the 3 children but whenever hubby wants one I always over cook it :oops:

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Hi, could get the Omlet guys to bulk order some bespoke from this guy:




He looks like he's always looking for new ideas. His 1/12th scale egg cups are prices at £1.75 each. They're probably a bit small but I feel sure he'll do a big order. What about a new thread with a poll - "would you buy bantam egg cups from this man"


I'm guessing he's a fellow yorkshireman so if he thinks the idea is rubbish he'll say so and nothing lost.


All royalties via pay-pal please.




Edit - BTW its slap bang in 'Last of the Summer Wine' country so be prepred to wait for the obligatory three-men-in-a-bath down hill race to finish before he starts your order! Wellies mandatory if you plan to visit.

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I'm rather into this and have a few fairly simply ideas. Can someone give me a typical length and diameter of a Babtam egg - I've really no idea.


Is it the same size as a large marble - or Biggie as we used to call them at school. There's possibilities with spiralled wire and crossed sticks and Epoxy resin.


Are the relative dimensions roughly the same as a Morrisons egg? (we've not had one from our girls yet). I.e. is it rounder or more oval or more 'pointy'.



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My late father had an old aluminium egg cup with a large size at one end and a smaller one at t’other; it was great for bantam eggs.  We couldn’t find any egg cups for our bantam eggs so bought some modelling clay and made a couple.  As the clay air-dries it has to be sealed afterwards to stop it absorbing water and going soft again - pva is good and can be mixed with acrylic paint.  When my kiln is up and running again I may make some ‘proper’ ones.

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