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RIP Binky……any advice?

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Hi All

We very sadly said goodbye to our remaining little hen yesterday, despite our best efforts to treat her. 
She just not been herself for a couple of weeks…..  gradually becoming more lethargic and at times wobbly on her feet with diarrhoea. She had been eating and drinking reasonably well up until a day or so ago.
She had had 3 visits to the vets, 2 courses of Baytril, had a feaces sample tested at the vet,  been staying in the house to keep her warm with her favourite treats but she was going downhill and yesterday we knew the kindest thing was to have her put to sleep. 

Her sample came back fine, her crop/abdomen were ok when examined, she was last wormed in March and no signs of mites/lice. She had started shaking her head quite a bit in the last week or so.

I just wanted to ask if anyone thought they may have an idea of what she could have had or anything I could have done differently?
The vets were great, however I think I would have taken her to more specialist practice if I could go back in time. 


Jane x


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Yes, it was the flubenvet in the layers pellets…..farmgate? Oh no Haygates I just checked. 
Wanted to put on a couple of pictures with my daughter, she was absolutely devastated, bless her. 

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It can be hugely frustrating when an animal goes downhill for no apparent reason - if only they could talk. However, it certainly sounds as though you did everything that you possibly could so don't beat yourself up about it. Will you get some more girls? Your daughter is obviously besotted with chickens!

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Ahh thank you so much for all of your replies. It does make me feel a little better that it sounds like we what we could with her. 

Soapdragon I think we will probably get some more hens…..it’s very strange not having to go out and shut the door at night and my daughter was absolutely heartbroken when we had to say goodbye to Binky. I think she was very proud at school not to have the usual dog/cat/rabbit as a pet, as all the teachers were always very interested.

When the vet brought Binky back out to me on Sunday, they had done some footprints for my daughter, which she was so happy with (and made me cry buckets on the way home, that they could be so thoughtful to do that.😢)

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That's so sad but what a lovely thought by the vet. Luckily I have a great vet as well. When I had my little bantam pts at 13 years old last year they sent me a locket with some of her feathers in it,it quite choked me. I do hope you get a few more,the garden is so quiet without them.

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