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see you all in a week....

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.....we're off to Portugal in the morning, got to get up at the hideous hour of 2.30am (which is before I've been going to bed these last 5 days with work) Gatwick at 4 take off at 5.30 or something then a week in a villa. Oh yes, did I mention I HATE flying? Still, first holiday for two years! The children are beside themselves, the girls only went to bed at 10! It's only a week and the weather's not brilliant (better than here!) but there will be no phone, no school, no work, no computer, just us, it doesn't matter if it rains every day it's going to be a break and goodness knows we need one!

So I really ought to go to bed but my head won't stop buzzing trying to make sure I've remembered everything. Oh well, if we've forgotten it we'll just have to do without!


See you in a week


Mrs B

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