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It pays to complain

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I ordered a heap of Christmassy bath bambs & stuff from Lush online a few weeks ago, specifying that it needed to be all wrapped seperatley in clear bags with labels, as it was for Christmas pressis (& a few bits for me too)

Well, it came with everything unwrapped, & all crumbled up & everything covered in glitter.

So, I phoned & they said to keep the stuff & they would re order, getting the packing right this time.


It came with everything wrapped, but in paper bags, sealed with tape & no lables, so I can't see what is in the bag :roll:

I phoned again & they said they would send me clear bags & labels,so I could re pack them my self which was fine by me.


The labels & bags never arrived, so I phoned on Tuseday & they arranged for DHL to drop the parcel AGAIN today & collect the one with everything wrapped in paper.

Wel, DHL came to collect the parcel yesterday, & I was not home.

They came again today but couldn't collect the parcel as it has to be requested again by Lush.

They did drop the third parcel though - you guessed it, no bags & no labels again




So, I phoned & spoke to a lady in charge,who is refunding me my £52, & has told me to keep all the parcels as way of an apology :shock:


So, I now have 3 boxes of Lush stuff, so a bit smashed up, but I will use that myself.


The children are giving all their friend Lush goodies for Christmas, & everyone I know is getting at least one bath bomb this year :P

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Sort of good and bad luck there Sarah!


My SIL is a mystery shopper for Lush. They pay her to go shopping all over the UK and report back on customer service. In return she gets all expenses paid trips with money for lunch, and a huge box of goodies, which she shares with me!!


Her reports go in their own magazine, although they don't name and shame the ones that don't get it right.

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You ought to remind them Sarah.


I had to complain yesterday - the Oxfam shop overcharged me by £10! The old lady in there is always asleep behind the till, and she has no idea how to use the cash register either. I ended up having to add up the items on a piece of paper (they didn't have a calculator) and tell her what it should be :roll:

I love shopping there, but can only get in on a saturday as I work during the week, and she always seems to work Saturdays *groan*

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It really does pay to complain sometimes and despite the hassle, Hey! you've got a house full of Lush stuff :D:D


I bought a square number plate for my latest purchase and a trailer board to put behind it (lets just say it was a long day on Wednesday going to Essex and back) from Halfords in town.


When the guy brought me the plate I spotted finger marks on some of the letters and some on the yellow backing, all sealed in :roll:


I said I didnt want to pay full price and I didnt want them to mess about making another so they would do it for £5.99 instead of £12.99...and now I love dozy "till-tarts" who dropped the price of a £29.99 trailer board to, yup £5.99!






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Twice recently I have had to question the bill amount at the till and ask them to add everything up again (always met by tutting from the queue behind and puzzled shop assistants that can't believe "the till" would have got it wrong :roll: ) Both times I have been right - thank goodness! If I hadn't been awake and just handed over my card, I could have been about £25 out of pocket :shock:


I never seem to get free stuff though :( !

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Something similar happened to me recently, although I wasn't on the ball and it was only by luck I spotted it. I bought a top from Sainsbury's with my weekly food shop, so I did expect the bill to be a bit more than normal. I did think it was a bit steep when she told me the total, but it was a fleeting thought, had got a couple of other extra bits and I had Stefan fidgeting in the trolley, so I didn't think anymore about it.


When I got home and tried the top on, I didn't like it, so took it back the next time I went. It was then I noticed she'd put the top through twice, so instead of paying £20, I payed £40. Luckily for me, they didn't question it at all and refunded it straight away.


Could have been a different story though.

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