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Fluffy Duckling Pics!

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Here they are - my 2 Khaki Campbell ducklings :D (don't think the remaining egg is doing anything).They are the cutest, funniest things - they are so lively when you pick them up and immediately climb up to nibble at your neck. If I walk in the room they run over and try and climb up the side of their box :lol:





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The man across the road, who was brought up on a farm, said one of each too, Lesley but I posted about the colour difference on Practical Poultry and have been told the colour has no significance :?

Anna has called the Fluffy (dark) and Silky (light) but they'll get 'proper' names once their sex is confirmed.

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My khaki campbells were sexed at about 3/4 weeks - apparantly they are much easier to sex then other breeds of ducks - ie calls. Don't know why and i don't know/remember how/what the difference is but you should be able to sex them soon if you know what you are looking for or can find someone who does!

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