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Will I ever learn?

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Yet agin the VAT is due tomorrow & I let it slide all quarter ,meaning I have to do the whole lot up today :roll::roll::roll:


The thing is,this happend every quarter, & each time I PROMISE myself I will do it all month by month next time, but of course I never do...............


Better go & make a start I s'pose *stamps foot & pouts*

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oh no!!!


at least you know what to do - and at least it is per quarter, not for a year :shock:


have a HUG then go and get it done. i've got some brownies in the oven (the chocolate ones, not the little girls) for when you have finished.

the quicker you get started, the quicker you will be finished.




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Half done & I need a break, so I have popped on to say hello :lol:


Its a vile job sorting all the recipets - they are always so tatty & horrid, & so hard to read. I swear the date is in a different place on each & every one :roll:


I think I might pop to Tesco & cheer myself up with something nice for lunch & a bit of Christmas shopping :wink::lol:

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:lol: You just sent me in a frenzy into my cupboard! I could recall seeing a green form a while ago and had a horrible sense of foreboding that my VAT was due month end. :shock:

Finally found it and discovered that 'Whew' - it isn't due till end November.


That woke me up - the adrenaline is pumping now! :lol:

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