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Today's The Day!

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I remember ordering my cube back in August only to be told there was a 6 week waiting list! :roll: I was like a child on the run up to christmas! :D It finally arrived 1st week of October and we picked our girls up a couple of days later.


You will love keeping hens - I never had a reason to be in my garden before, now I'm always out there talking to my girls.


Hoping to add 3 ex-batts after new year.

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Believe me-the dreams don't stop. :roll:


Don't dream chickens all of the time now but quite often have one, especially when I am waiting for my new run (this Saturday :D ), or thinking of new things to buy them!!


The other night I dreamt that my chickens had died :( .

A few weeks ago I had some weird dream about seeing a chicken on someones roof and I ended up coaxing it down with sweetcorn and keeping it in with my girls! :?


Once you get your hens your whole way of life changes.

I cannot go into a shop without looking for things that the girls might like to eat, play with, climb on. :roll:


I buy fruit and veg just for the girls and then forget to buy ours :oops: .


Hubby is forever going :roll::x:roll:


Once those feathery ladies are in your heart-there's just nothing you can do so you might as well just accept it and spoil them rotten!! :wink::lol:

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It went well. They've settled in a bit now, although I had to use a torch to get them into the Eglu.


This morning I discovered three eggs! I assume it was one from each. And then when I got home this afternoon I found another. Four eggs from three chickens on the first day- it must be a record!


This morning, when I was having breakfast, I heard some loud clucking. It turned out that a local cat was by the run and causing quite a bit of disturbance. I hope it doesn't happen again, and if it does I hope they aren't quite so loud as I don't think the neighbors would be very happy being woken up by the distraught clucks of our hens.


Here are some pictures, this one is of Agnes (notice the large, faded comb from being in the battery farm):




And this is of Agnes and Hetti (her eye isn't really like that, it's just a bad photo):




I haven't got a picture of Penny yet, yesterday she was pecking so I couldn't get a non-blurred picture and today it was pouring with rain. Poor wet chickens! They didn't know to go inside when it rains... I think they just liked being outside though.

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yipppeeeeeeeee, another ex-batt mummy- well done you!


ours reacted like to the cats at first, it's all so new to them but they soon settle down and the'yre no noisier than the neighbours dogs so i'm not worried.



were they mesmerised by the sky? ours kept looking upwards for ages.


this is them now, after 3 weeks



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We've had ours almost a week and their combs are reddening up bit by bit! The feather spikes are coming through too! I spend more and more time with them and they are climbing over my feet and pecking at my clothes too! Trying to get in and out of the door without them charging out under my feet is a tricky manouvre...they don't seem to fall for my distraction methods!!!!

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