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Better than an Eglu?

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Just had a reply to my question abour removing eggs and the seller claims that you have to be 'An IT consultant who lives in Surrey to own an Eglu'


Given that I am a stock controller who lives in Newtongrange, I find that hard to believe.......



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I'd love to buy it.It looks so bad :lol: .How are the poop try and nesting boxes,which are desisned on drawer runners not going to get full of poop,that will stop them sliding, its going to be a nightmare to keep clean :?: .if it was very cheap i'd buy it for a :lol:

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I just corrected the original link an dthen found that Nicola had reposted it :D - I'll go and look now.......


Kate :shock: - you're the highest bidder at the moment :shock:


I just posted a question asking how heavy it was - because I was interested :wink: - perhaps we should all ask a question?

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Here's a photo Louise.......




brand new


designer chicken house with SLIDING nest boxes


measures 1180mm X 600mm X 750mm tall including roof


very sturdy 'glued and screwed' construction, featuring 3/4 inch (18mm) thick walls coated in "international yacht enemal" for unbeatable weather proofing.


roof is formed in one piece and coated in a heat reflecting aluminium based coating


floor , inside of walls and nest boxes are coated in international industrial floorpaint which is extremly hard wearing, waterproof, and easy to clean.


nest boxes are sited inside the house on roller ball drawer runners for smooth opperation


the door is on internal sliders and operated from the back of the house by a draw cord.


inside there is a perch which will comfortably take 3 chickens


the house is both rat proof and fox proof


i can build a run to fit this house, please email your requirements


i can deliver around the A14 , A12, and possibly other places, please email your address and i'll give you a price.


alternatively you can collect from ipswich, the house will fit in the back of most cars with the back seats down, email me if you are unsure and i will find out for you.


i will not be taking paypal for this item, cash only on collection or delivery.


any questions please just ask. may be able to deliver other parts of the country.


can build these in other colours/ sizes


good luck and happy bidding

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Might try that :lol:


I am seriously going to get another soon I went through the dosh I have from having a lodger and I think I can do it but I don't suppose a markIII will be out before the chicken sale in April but in the event I buy something I have someone who could chook sit for a while if needed 8)

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