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Better than an Eglu?

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Just had a reply to my question abour removing eggs and the seller claims that you have to be 'An IT consultant who lives in Surrey to own an Eglu'


Given that I am a stock controller who lives in Newtongrange, I find that hard to believe.......




lol. he is talking about me then


(im an IT consultant that lives in surrey)



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Fenwoman has just posted on River Cottage egloos topic again she is obviously about to start again if anyone wants to take her on.


So far fairly pleasant but I am sure she will start to get nasty again if we sing the praises of the Eglu too loud :lol:


I am about to go home so if it gets interesting can you keep a copy for me before it all gets moderated away :shock:


I hope it doesn't get nasty though live and let live :roll:

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