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Better than an Eglu?

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Maybe it was removed but it was there honest :shock: She was banging on about how easy and cheap you can build a wooden house again :?


I don't work in a different time zone I start at about 7.30/8 am most days :lol:


Although I am occasionally here till the wee small hours and even the occasional night shift I was nearly in at 6.30pm on Saturday I wasn't on call but I was the only sad git who answered their phone and was 'available' on a Saturday night :wink:

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I wish :cry:


About 3 years ago my insomnia was so bad I was lucky if I got 2 hours a night but now I usually get about 5 hours which is not too bad I still have the odd very bad night a couple of weeks ago I went to bed at 9 woke at 11.30 and that was it :shock:


I have mostly cut out caffeine I still drink a little tea but not after 10 am no coffee no cola drinks and very little chocolate :roll: It helps I think

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I am pretty used to it now although I do get tired in the afternoon and I can't remember what a late night is like!! :lol:


When I was only getting 2 hours I looked (and felt) like I was permanently drunk/hung over with that sort of spaced out not really here feeling all the time I am surprised one of the welfare bods didn't haul me in I looked so pale :roll:


I used to be able to sleep on a knife edge a nap in the afternoon and 8 hours at night to go from that to 2 hours was quite a shock but I am happy with 5 hours and if I am needed at work at unusual times I can do it without too much shock to the system :lol:

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Glad you get more sleep now Louise.


I'm a PhD student, so I drift in as soon after 9 I can manage. :oops: At the moment it's half 9. Still more of a morning person.

Sure it will change when I get a "real" job. I should enjoy it while I can. Don't think I could manage 4.30 unless I was getting a plane very early. It throws me out for days if I get up extra early. :roll:

OH can quite happily sleep in until lunch or even afternoon. :oops: He is like the living dead before he has a shower. :lol:

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I went to bed at 9 woke at 11.30 and that was it :shock:


I've just caught up on the lastest in this thread and oh my word Louise! You poor old soul you.


Saying that though, I suffer with not being able to get to sleep sometimes, but am ok once I do drop off. Sometimes I go to bed 9pm and I'm still lying there half awake, half asleep at 11.30 not quite managing to go under.


I think the main thing is not to stress about it. Just accept it, and do something good with your time. If I can't sleep nowadays, instead of lying there, I get up, have a chamomile tea and read for a bit. Usually does the trick :D

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