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The greenest thing I have done to date :)

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My husband and I have changed jobs :)


Rather then working a over 40 miles away, we can walk / cycle or get the bus the 1.5 miles to work.



I have set out a plan for the next few months too.


1. Rescue 5 more hens

2. Connect the grey water recycling tank

3. Save up for a new energy saving boiler (we dont use the central heating as we use the fire stove, but to make the cottage re-sellable we need to have a gas boiler)


I can not stop grinning :D

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That sounds great! Bet you'll enjoy not having to drive every day - and think of the money you'll save on petrol, especially at the price it is now :).


Its a reall bonus. we were spending over £250 in petrol.


I wish we could get rid of the car all together, buts its so akward getting back to cambridge to see the folks without it!

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Its great not to have to spend on commuting isn't it?


When my friend started working from home and gave up her company car she worked out that as she could cycle to the shops and only really needed a car a few times a year to visit her UK friends (and she does that by organising a tour round the country every year, visiting various people on the way, as well as seeing bit of the UK, as a holiday) she could just hire a car when needed, or take a taxi in an emergency, and she would still spend less than keeping a car on the road.


I really admired her for that at the time - especially as she was a city girl/BMW driver etc in a former life.


This was about 10 years ago. She lives in Burgess Hill so she is hardly at the hub of the UK but she has not regretted her decision and still does not own a car. She does have to travel for work but she manages by using public transport.


With that in mind and car sharing schemes springing up (I looked into these but they still work out quite expensive at the moment) I think you may be brave enough to take the next step soon!

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