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Rant alert.


I have now lost 4 days of my life to this shower, who cannot keep a scheduled delivery,or subsequent collection date to save their lifes.


The customer service team are useless & only tell you 'well, they SHOULD have been to you,You need to stay in until they come'

This is despite me booking the delivery/collection for 7am - 1pm :twisted:

They don't even have contact with the drivers to see why they are not turning up :roll:

And even on the 4 occassions I have waited in ALL DAY they still haven't come.


Yesterday they were supposed to pick up the unwanted (as it was too late) item between 7am & 1pm.

They didn't come,but say they came at 2 & left a note.

Firstly I was in - they didn't come

Secondly the item to collect is in the porch,& still is (its massive - you can't miss it)

Thirdly, no note was left :roll:


I am at the end of my tether ,& still waiting for my pre 1pm pick up today (its now 2.15pm)



Seriously people, don't use them - buy from John Lewis instead!

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I can only get an afternoon delivery where I am and they have always showed up when expected and customer services even called once to say an item I was expecting (a headboard) was out of stock :?


When I complained that I didn't actually need delivery for the other item on the sheet they refunded the delivery charge too 8)


Like Fee maybe I have just been lucky :?

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I have also had no problems with Argos delivery, maybe it is the actual driver? Ours appears to be the same chap who has a big hire van and delivers a lot of home delivery parcels. He is well spoken and appears to be highly organised. I have seen him almost every day this week, early evenings. When he delivered my garden furniture he asked me to take a parcel in for a neighbour too, and he put a note through her door to tell her it was with me!

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I was going to order some wardrobes from Argos, now I'm wondering wether I should chance it, Its just that round this way I can't find any shops that holds much of a selection. I wonder if MFI might be a better bet? any ideas. When you work full time it can be hell of problem if you need to arrange delivery.

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:) Sarah, I aged 10 years with an Argos saga, so you have my immense sympathy.

My son had a self assembly bed delivered and the slats were too short to fit!

There was such a debacle of them offering more slats even though I pointed out that if they were the same length they wouldn't fit. After the 2nd lot didn't fit (surprise, surprise :roll: ) they still wouldn't let me just swap the whole thing for a different model; not unless I paid for a registered carpenter to come & assess the illfitting problem & issue a letter confirming it! Can you believe it! I would (apparently :roll: ) be reimbursed but what a faff for something which was their fault not mine!


By now, my son was using the mattress and they were arguing about not refunding unless I returned that part too! Where was he going to sleep? Plus, we wanted the mattress!


Imagine how many times we had to have someone in for separate collections & deliveries, they wouldn't do 2 things together!


Sarah, the only good thing was when I expressed my displeasure :oops: & asked for a customer services manager, I was eventually given a different, unadvertised phone number. The person there arranged everything perfectly & politely and even apologised, so ask if there's someone you can take your grievances to if it wasn't sorted today.


I do agree though, it's not the whole company but it's put my blood pressure up thinking about them! Good luck. x :)

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I've also never had any problems with Argos. I think mainly its the driver. I have the same bloke that does Argos do other stores aswell and he must have got used to the times Im home.... :roll: he always comes in the morning about 8am sharp - so I never have to wait!


hope you get sorted soon!

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Well, I was stopped in the street a couple of months ago by two men in a lorry delivering Argos goods, and they asked me if I wanted to buy a brand new sofa or a bed very cheaply!!!!!!!! I think they were driving around trying to find someone to buy the goods they had in the back of the lorry. Very dodgey!!! :roll:

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