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Clarissa died

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Clarissa, our Miss Pepperpot had only been with 2 weeks and was such a gentle thing with beautiful feathers, following us around the garden, perching on our shoulder when we'd sat down on the bench.


However, John noticed she's stopped eating yesterday and she would just stand in the middle of the garden, motionless, instead of pecking around like Belina.


This morning I went to the eglu to let them out, and out came Belina, but Clarissa stayed inside. Usually she wouldn't be able to wait to get out and peck around the garden so I knew there was something really wrong.


John picked her up and we took her into the kitchen in a box of straw with a little food and water for her. I sat stroking her until it was time to go to work, but unfortunatley, she gradually became weaker and weaker until she passed away between 12-13pm.


We had called Omlet yesterday saying she wasn't very well and was told to keep an eye on her.


I feel awful about losing her, I know it sounds really stupid. We were very fond of her and now Belina is alone. Do chickens get lonely? They were always snuggled very close together in the eglu...


I phoned Omlet and told them and spoke to someone called Jan who was very sweet and helpful. They can't deliver until the 24th November though which seems like ages away! I don't think they'll charge me £10 either.


I went outside and gave Belina some sweetcorn as a treat.


RIP Belina :(

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Sorry to hear about your chuck.


We had a similar problem and Omlet were great. After discussions we decided to have two new to replace gingers. Introductions can be traumatic with the existing one being quite territorial, introducing two rather than one on one may be a better idea. Just to say our Gingers had never developed, never put on weight etc. Once the new comers all settled down together, it showed how much an effect Gingers had been having on Peppers and the quality of her eggs improved amazingly, no more soft shells etc.


I made a couple of simple mistakes in introducing the new chucks which I am happy to share if you would like.



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