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Blue Egg!

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I've got one!! 8):D:D:D:D:D:D:D


Ellie laid today - she hasn't laid since August and we've really missed the blue eggs. She was making such a racket and going in and out of the Eglu so I shut her in, set the kitchen timer and rescued her after an hour - there it was - a small, perfect, blue egg :D


Poppy is getting ready to lay again as well - blue and white eggs again!

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Photos please!!!! I would love blue eggs. When our White Star lays, her eggs are pure white (or brown if they have poo or mud on them). Anyway, after a day or so they get little blue speckles on them. Strange, huh? :?

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Congratulations Lesley :P:P:P:P It must be good to be getting them all back into production again.


But, I want a blue egg too. I wonder if Phil will ever lay? I'm not sure that locking her in the eglu is likely to do the trick though, she'd be in there a month of sundays I think before I got an egg from her :(


I spoke to Johannes at Kew and he said it's rare for a chicken not to lay, but possibly if she wasn't fed a proper diet at the time that her egg laying equipment was being formed she might not have developed properly and in that case may never be able to lay. She is a wuss though, always bottom of the pecking order, even little Zola has overtaken her there, and the last too feed, also frightened of her own shadow, not at all tame even now, so maybe with the breeder in amongst lots of chickens she got last pickings of the grub, and didn't eat enough, or the right stuff to develop properly :?

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Congrats Lesley and guess what got back from our dog walk and picking up the stockholm tar and went to feed girls some cabbage and all of a sudden noticed something Blue Lotties laid her first egg and it's blue and they must have not pecked her to bits becasue her sore ear has healed!!


I gave her aconite for shock so I think that's helped her but never expected an egg after the ordeal she's had, if yours haven't laid try it. What a fab chick I have been given :D Best 40th pressie I could be

given :wink:









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