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Am going to the theatre tonight with Him Indoors.


Amadeus at the Crucible....or is it the Lyceum. :?


It is three hours long and apparently it is so bad that people have been walking out before the interval.


We were warned when we bought the tickets that there was some swearing and nudity. Just like an evening in then.


Can you tell that I'm really looking forward to it.



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I love the theatre as a rule.


I think because it is wintery I just want to hibernate in the evening.


People are walking out because it is embarrassingly badly done. Some friends of ours went and said it was pretty grim, but Him Indoors wanted to see it.....he enjoyed the film, and we had some theatre tokens so........



Hobson's Choice is on in a week or so with John Savident, who played Fred Elliot in Coronation Street. Now that does take my fancy.

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Well I'm back.


It was much, much better than I was expecting.


It was far too long at 3 hours and I did find myself nodding off a couple of times, but the performances were excellent...Gerard Murphy as Salieri and the unfortunately named Bryan D*i*c*k as Mozart, in particular were very good. Salieri's speeches were very long and must have takes some memorising and the actor was on the stage for the whole of the play.


One female spoilt it (she played Mozarts wife) and her diction was so poor that it rendered her totally unintelligable. :?


The props and the lighting were very good. The scenes looked like paintings and were quite beautiful.


The nudity was a waste of time and totally unerotic....Salieri's mistress walked across the stage displaying two fried eggs....it would have been much more seductive had she been partly clothed.


The swearing we were warned about....well I didn't particularly notice it....maybe it happened when I dozed off.


It is always the way....when you go out not expecting to enjoy yourself, you can be pleasantly surprised....and vice versa.

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I once sat through 3 excrutiating hours of Benjamin Brittain... never again!


I had to study a Ceremony of Carols, and Peter Grimes, for my music O level several millenia ago.


Not that ithats got anything to do with anything really - but I'm sure you really did want to know that (not).


It was somewhat boring I have to say.

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Glad it turned out OK, Egluntine. I loved the film but have never seen Amadeus on stage. I took Mum to see Les Mis in the West End many years ago and we both loved it. Yes, it's pretty depressing but the music is terrific and so is the set. We saw Miss Saigon a few years later and again, very sad story but wonderful music. I took Tom to the local theatre last night to see a production put on by an amateur dramatics group called Fawkes - the Quiet Guy as he needed to see something on stage pronto for his A level drama course and it was the only thing on which didn't involve panto! We had a great time! The show was really funny and the players put their hearts and souls into it and obviously had as good a time as we did and for £9 each, a very good night out.

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