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Meet Jasmine and Brandee

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Jasmine and Brandee are here.

They are gorgeous GNR


The pictures do not show how different to each other they are. One is really ginger with an iridescent (sp?) orange sheen which is stunning (Brandee) and the other is darker than Rose but has much more light bits that Brandee.(Jasmine) They are a pair of crackers :D


Emmie cried her little eyes out as Bobbie and Ria went which I was expecting but surprisingly I looked round and Liam was breaking his heart too. (Nearly 3 years old)

It took them a little while to pay any attention to the new girls as they were so gutted but now they love their new hens.

Must admit-I was having to fight back the tears too and so was my Mum.

Not nice but very much our only option.


Presenting Jasmine and Brandee...................

PICT00214.jpg Brandee.



PICT00204.jpg Jasmine.




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