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Haggis hunt is back

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Just looking at the site and it mentions Haggii which I guess is the plural!


Didn't get it though.


I didn't read the bit about Haggii :roll:


The idea is to click on one of the camera options and look for a Haggis :D If you see one, click on the blue "I saw a Haggis" button (bottom right hand corner). You can win prizes, some of which look very good. I have been doing this for two years and have never won a prize :roll:, but I enjoy searching for the Haggis :lol:

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Och, they've missed out in the facts that Haggii have 2 short legs and 2 long legs so that they can walk on the hills easier. :D


Och, you've been hoodwinked into believing that myth - here are the facts, quoted from "Haggis Facts":


  • Haggis Myths
    They have one leg shorter than another.
    This misconception originated with a respected English commentator. However, the haggis’s legs are all the same size. Any apparent difference in length could be due to the haggis’s habit of standing in a bog to confuse predators. Quite why this would confuse a predator is unclear as the haggis would be unable to run away, being as it is stuck in a bog.



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And that the males leg lengths are the opposite way round to the female so that they can actually meet face to face on their way round the hills.


This is also a myth which explains why the haggis is so rare. Two haggises getting friendly are very likely to end up rolling down the hillside, thus rendering baby haggises rather unlikely.



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