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Martin B

First day of the rest of my life

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I've just filled in my application form for the local Grammar school. It was extremly nervewracking filling in a real form like that for the first time.

I found it really difficult at first to find 4 subjects that I could do, in the end I had to choose out of 7! :D

I'll hand the application form in tomorrow at my school and they send it down for us as one package.


I've decided to go for. (In preference order)


1) Business Studies

2) Psychology

3) Economics

4) English Language

5) Russian


R.E and Biology narrowly missed out.


The first 4 are all A2 and I will most probably drop one at the end of year 12. Russian is a GCSE and a bit on the side. I get 2 hours worth of lessons per week where with the other subjects I get 4.


I'm genuinely looking forward to results day and hopefully enrolling at AGS.


Martin :D

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Good luck Martin, & well done for filling in the form yourself.


Every male should learn to form fill, rather than relying on their other halfs


Have you studied Psychology before?

My daughter is in year 10 & is doing it as a GSCE option - she is really loving it


Its the first time her school have taught it, & as its an extra it means an after school lesson for 2 hours once a week :roll:

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Can you take English Language as an 'A' level? :?


Do you have any other 6th form options if you don't get a place? In Surrey we can apply for places everywhere and get accepted on them, but don't actually have to choose where to go until September. 8)

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Well done Martin :D

Have you any idea what you would like to do as a career yet?

PS Love the new avatar :wink:

Shaun rules in our house- my central heating pump is bust so we have no heating & no hot water- hopefully fixed tonight :D I am sat here cuddling my Shaun the Sheep hot water bottle to keep warm 8)

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