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My new purple Glug arrived today -- it took seven months. I had given up hope to such an extent that I couldn't imagine what was in the parcel. I hadn't even reminded Omlet.


The nipples aren't at all like I imagined. I will try it out on the hens at the weekend, as they are very conservative and may not like it.


Some of you may remember that I have been pining after organic layers' pellets: my next-door neighbour got a sack of them for me, and my hens won't touch them. I expect it will be the same with the Glug.

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I've had two. :oops:


I have emailed to let them know they sent me an extra one. I want to keep it though, as mine are using it, and they're so much better at staying clean. I had to take the old glugs out though, as the new ones are more like hard work = chickens lazy.


You must have ours then!, is it purple by any chance? :cry::D

We have been waiting 7 MONTHS too, i think a compensatory Grub from Omlet is in order. :wink:



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Mine are both green. I called up about a month ago to say that I hadn't had it yet, and they sent me one out by return of post. Then I got another one last week, which I think must be the result of them going through the original list of people who were owed them. So maybe yours will come soonest!

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