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The Bantam of the Opera

I've lost a chicken! UPDATE

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Herro has gone missing! :cry:

she was my most favourite chicken and i came home today to find her missing. no signs of a struggle, no feathers or blood and all the other ducks and chickens seem fine, not scared or hiding. however, i did find the remains of mrs.waesley dug up and eaten, not sure when taht happened. :(


my mum thinks maybe shes been blown away somewhere cause it was so windy today. ive been to houses asking and no ones seen here, i looked off of my roof and snuck into all my neghbours gardens and no sign of her anywhere. had a look just now in the bushes and in her house, not there either. :cry::cry:


id rather find her body than never know what happened to her. i jsut dont know what to think.

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Oh dear.


I am afraid the fact that MrsWeasly has been dug up could mean that a fox has been in the vicinity. Put a couple of rocks over the spot where you bury her to stop further activity.


Maybe Herro will be roosting in a tree.


Go out later with a torch...she might have found her way home.


Fingers crossed.

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I really hope you find her. When we lived sat hte old house it was really really windy - and I kept having nightmares about the girls being blown over the fence and not knowing how to get back - they got so bad I didn;t let them out on a windy day (no consolation to you now - sorry).


Fingers crossed she turns up safe and well for you soon.

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Sounds like you have had a visit from Mr Fox. Especially that poor Mrs Weasly was dug up :cry:

Where they free ranging at the time? I would be evry carefull if I where you, once Mr Fox knows there is easy food available, then he will be back, especially because its winter.


I'm so sorry :cry: I hope you do find her.



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sorry i havent replied, i've been avoiding it because it upsets me so much. no sign of her at all. :cry:


ive asked about but no one knows where she is. i guess ill just have to hope a fellow chicken lover found her and looks after her like i look after cleo. :(:(:(


why is it always my favourite ones that go. :cry:


on the good side is cleo has started laying and my mum got 2 new birdies yesterday. 2 budgies who are adorable.

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did you find her, one of my new girls disappeared without a trace 23.12.07, a local farmer thinks it may have been a buzzard!!!


Oh, that's awful; you had only had her a day? Or have I got that wrong.


I've obviously been sooooo lucky - I have not lost a chicken in well over 4 years.

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