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Christmas dinners

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Ok then. what do we all have for christmas dinner.


We will have a veggie xmas dinner, as we have had for the last umpty years. We will have one carnivore present (my father in law) but the rest of us (her indoors, me, son + girlfriend) are veggie. FiL will complain as always that there isn't any meat!


Maybe we will have a nut loaf. We will have sprouts (but I haven't any in the veg garden unfortunately this year). We've got loads of leeks, carrots and really big parsnips so they will be included.


Actually I don't know why I'm starting this at all as I really have no idea about what we will have, 'cos her indoors will do it all. But I will do the wine.


and give out the pressies.


and do the washing up.


and get the wood in for the woodburners.


and generally be looked after and have a good time. :)

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turkey of doubtful provenance :( at the folks in law's house


I have to drive too as it's my turn this year so I can't even drown my sorrows/numb my senses beforehand.


Maybe I'll have a sneaky diazepam, hopefully that will do the trick.


God it pains me to be a carnivore, wish I could be a veggie.


I used to smoke, gave up ages ago, but giving up meat would be much much harder and you can't get any patches or gum to help you give up meat!

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God it pains me to be a carnivore, wish I could be a veggie.


You want to see a Doctor about that! :wink::wink:


Scotland this year (finally got some leave :D ) so OH's Mum is cooking. Turkey, tatties and all the trimmings, lots of cake, snacks, dips, nuts and sweets no doubt!!


Can't wait! :drool::drool:

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Free Range Organic Turkey from M&S

M&S Garnish pack (stuffing balls, Chipos & bacon rolls)

M&S Bread sauce .....do you see a theme here yet? 8):lol:

Roast pots & Snips

Sprouts from the garden


Followed by M&S Christmas Pudding & Brandy Butter


Followed by a long lie down :roll:


I don't generally do the M&S thing,but their Christmas stuff is great,& its my Christmas too so I don't see why I should spend ALL day cooking :lol:

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Lighterlife vegtable soup for me - with a savoury drink mixed in. I might even go mad and have a cup of black coffee with it.


Mum and James will undoubtedly have a free range chicken between them and the cats. Mum doesn't want to buy a turkey as the cats will be having the bulk of it. I'm still up for sending James to his Dads family though.


I'll be cooking the dinner though - I won't miss eating the turkey as I@m a veggie but Christmas without a sprout? Double for me next year and I'll have home grown ones then too!

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We are having our Christmas dinner on Boxing day for complicated family reasons :roll: I have ordered a leg of pork from local f.range buchers, sprouts, roasties, parsnips in honey and sherry yum, carrots, stuffing and homemade apple sauce and gravy. We will have a christmas pud, because I and son love it, and a chocolate pudding for those who don't. Lashings of red wine for me and DH and JD and coke for the kids, not the babies they will have juice :lol: I don't usually eat large meals, so will probably spend the rest of the day feeling uncomforable.



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Traditional meal for us this year - free range turkey from the farm up the road, yorkies, roast potatoes and parsnips, carrots from the garden, OH usually gets a christmas platter from work that has the chipolates wrapped in bacon and some unusual varieties of stuffing (as well as melton mowbray pork pies for later!). Pudding is usually sticky toffee pudding with toffee sauce and cream, home made cake for later and I have a bottle of champers in the fridge 8)

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Hang on a second.

Is this the same Richard posting this lovely festive thread who yeasterday posted the Bah Humbug one?????


What happened Richard - someone sprinkle some Christmas fairy dust over you?


I LOVE CHRISTMAS DAY, and Christmas Eve and Boxing day.


I really dislike all the build up, the false festivities, the lights and the "Ooops, word censored!" that goes with it.


but I adore everything about 24th, 25th and 26th December.


Except the fact that squillions of turkeys die to give people traditional dinners. I can cope with the demise of all the lentils it take to make my dinner.


where do lentils come from?


And who said I had to be consistant anyway?

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...........oooh lovely foodie Xmas thread!

We're having

Wild boar haunch, roast pots& parsnips green veg and lashings of gravy. All cooked by me and eaten with family at FIL's house as the Medieval Hovel is still not up to standard.

edited to add- sprouts are evil they are the devils vegetable I would rather eat slugs.

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:lol::lol: at Richard! :lol:8)


Mmm, Rhapsody that wild boar sounds delicious! We are fairly skint this year so it's good old turkey. But BC (before children) we used to try something different every christmas - venison, pheasant, grouse, goose. Something we wouldn't have normally. I love game! And I'd love to try goose again. :drool: :drool:

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We have all the family round and I love cooking..here is our menu:



Smoked salmon blinis with champagne



Norfolk trilogy of chicken inside a duck inside a turkey (all free range)

Blythurgh free range pork chipolatas wrapped in bacon

Bfr sausage meat stuffing (made with home grown organic sage and onions)

Glazed carrots

Sprouts (you can never have enough!)

Home grown peas and beans

Home grown parsnips

Roasted potatoes

Butternut squash mash



Home made individual flaming christmas puddings with a choice of freshly made vanilla custard or home made vanilla ice cream.


Mince pies fresh from the oven with cream and coffee

He made yule log (just in case you haven't already burst at the seams!)


Copious amounts of alcohol.


I think that is everything.


i told you that I loved cooking.

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