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It is soooooo cold!

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Brrrr! Just been out to shut the cube (see I'm not that mean, might not knit them socks but I'll close the door in sub-zero :D ) and my fingers are numb! It was quite amusing to see the hierachy in play in sleep mode, Toffee (boss) was fully stretched out in the nice clean straw of the nest box, Fraggle was squashed up the end of the nest box...and poor lowly Jells was perching sideways on the roosting bars trying to get the maximum amount of her front end in the nest box without falling in head first :lol: If I didn't think it would upset them I would take a picture, it was hilarious! If I come back as a chicken, it won't be bottom of the pecking order...seems a bit rubbish to me!

Oh and I was out , what, 5 mins at most and practically had frostbite (this place really is so much colder than living in a town, I wasn't expecting it!) and yet there was my skinny 10yr old rabbit...'icebathing' on the grass...not a chance in hell of getting her in the eglu to shut her in...but it obviously doesn't bother her in the slightest :shock: Tough cookie!

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The door to the hen pen was frozen solid this morning,so I had 8 hungry little chicken faces making me feel guilty while I tried to defrost it :roll:

I am having to bring in the Super Glug every night too, as the nipples freeze :roll:


I have been up since 4am,with a streaming cold, & goodness it looked beautiful out there when I switched on the outside lights - all twinkly & glittery :D

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Ekk I feel really bad now, when I left work last night at 12 it wasnt that cold so I left the cube door open all night like I usually do. we had a hard frost :(


I feel bad now. I made the girls a big bowl of hot porridge this morning with berries, sultanas and mealworms mixed in, hoping they forgive me now.

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