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Not sure if I am brave enough

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Oh help :roll:


I have tickets to take the eldest daughter to see The Kaiser Chiefs tonight at Earls Court,London.

We have had it planned for weeks.Hubby was going to drive up there & drop us off then take the youngest girl into London for a few hours to look around,then come & pick us up after the concert.


However, he now wants me to drive there all on my own,get parked (there is no pre booked parking left) & drive home afterwards.

Neither he nor the youngest want to spen 4 hours in London waiting for us.

Shame they didn't say that before I booked the tickets!


I have never driven out of my comfort area before, never driven this far & never in London, & I am feeling all pathitic & wobbly just thinking about it :roll:


And what if the car park is full?????


Any tips or suggestions?

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If you're worried about not getting being able to get out of a train, then you can get a slow train from Maidenhead *get hubby to drive you to Maidenhead or Slough station) which stops at nearly every station. There are approximately 15 stations between Maidenhead and Paddington, so you're only ever 5-10 mins between stops, and you could get out and wait for a later train if necessary.


(Although personally I would get a fast train and get it over with).


You could then get a Cab from Paddington to the theatre so you don't have to do the Tube.


It'll be much much much less hassle than driving and trying to park.


Or get your hubby to drive in and drop you off and then come back and collect you.



EDITED TO ADD: Oh, I see they are at Earls court, ignore previous message. It's really easy to get to Earls Court by car, just leave plenty of time so you can be sure of a parking space in the underground car park there.

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I really,really do not do trains.


Not an option.......I hate them

Sorry :roll:


Hubby may drive us in & collect us, but it means coming back with the youngest at 11 ish :roll:

They are also looking into movies to see in town while they wait to pick us up again.


I just wish I was one of those women who can just jump in the car & grive to wherever they need to go without a care in the world,but I am not.


i have phoned the car park,& they say that there should be spaces still as its huge & 'never fills up.'

I also have their postcode for the Sat nav, which makes me feel a little bit braver should it come to it


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Go for it Cinnamon! If you have a sat nav it should be easy (?) you'll be fine, there'll be plenty of room in the car park. Why don't you leave home really early so you can take your time, get something to eat before the show then wait til everyone's left at the end so you're not being hassled by other motorists on the way out. I know you can do it and you'll feel SO proud of yourself after. Or just tell hubby he HAS to take you and he'll just have to watch two films back to back and eat his own body weight in popcorn whilst he waits! :lol: The Kaiser Cheifs will be SO worth it!


Have a great time however you get there, let us know how you get on.


Mrs Bertie

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I just wish I was one of those women who can just jump in the car & grive to wherever they need to go without a care in the world,but I am not.


Neither am I. When I had my mini I would drive anywhere, & that was before mobile phones. Now I think twice about where I drive to, & I have a reliable car now.The mini was temperamental.

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Cinnamon, I do understand your fears, I am not that keen on train travel either, but I quite enjoy it when I do it, can't do the tube though :evil:

Driving in London isnn't 'that' bad, it's like driving in any busy town only moreso :) Keep calm, don't be hassled by other drivers and with Satnav you can't possibly get lost :shock: The car park will be fine, you sensibly checked this already. As someone else said if you do it you will feel so proud of yourself :) When I face my fears and do something scary I always buy myself a small reward :oops: Good luck and I hope you enjoy the show.



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Honestly Cinnamon, Earls Courst isn't too bad, it's really not like "driving in London". At the end of the M4 it's quite busy, but the lanes are reasonably wide and straight. It's not like driving into theatreland, honestly.


btw, as well as the Satnab, I would give your daugter a streetmap of London, just for the bit where you turn right off the A4 so she can reassure you that you're taking the correct turning (although it IS well signposted) Good practice for her too.


And when you've done it reward yourself by ordering a Cube.


(Either as a "didn't I do well" or a "that was really awful I need something to compensate").

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Thanks all - we had an amazing time :P:P:P


The Hubby did drive us up there & took the youngest into town for a wander, which they really enjoyed.

It was packed out after the show,so I was glad to just be able to flop into the car & let him tackle the drive home - plus my ears were ringing,which made me feel really weird :roll:

However,now that I know how easy it is to get to,I would certainly consider the drive myself next time 8)


The Kaiser Chiefs were FANTASTIC.We were seated in the block nearest the stage,3 rows from the front,so had a great view. The support band,The Pigeon Detectives were brilliant too.

My daughter had a great time & managed to meet up with some of her pals from the KC forums.

We couldn't believe how rough the mid standing area looked & were glad to be able to observe from a distance- so many people pulled over the barriers!


And my ears are STILL ringing this morning :roll::lol:

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