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Its a matter of principle!!!

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I thought i'd share this with you as I am sat at work while I should be on holiday as I have turned up for a meeting that no one has attended, But I digress. My chooks (four of them as you may see from my signature) have been eggless for months now. The reason I have four (other than I like chickens and they're funny) is because when I started with two one of them turned broody so I thought I'll get two more to provide eggs while one or even two sulks.


Anyway long story short I have not eaten an egg in months, as I will not buy eggs from the super market on account of the fact that I have chickens... However this could give rise to an alternative phrase of "why have a dog and bark yourself".

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I know exactly what you mean UkButton. I refuse to buy eggs and would rather go without, than go to the shop for them. AnnieP gave me some a few months ago, when my girls were moulting.


Luckily all mine are laying at the moment *touches wood* and we have eggs to spare

(sorry *ducks for cover*)

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I can totally sympathise with you - all 10 of my girls are off-lay at the moment. 3 are too young, the rest have vaious reasons, but have mostly just finished moulting, and being pure-breeds, they rarely lay in the coldest months anyway.


I buy my eggs from Lesley and Carl - they are delicious. Failing that, there's a lovely man selling his eggs at Deddington farmers' market on the 4th Saturday each month. Might even see you there...

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It seems I'm rather lucky, as we only have two chickens (planning to get more in the future, I have visions of a cube and five or six chickens in my mind), but they still lay, and never have taken a break... I'm still a bit short of eggs though, cause one of them has taken to eating her egg, so often I get only one a day (or none if I wait too long to go and pick them up)... My chooks started laying at the end of january last year and have pretty much laid every single day since... I am surprised by this when I read all the posts on here about moulting and cold weather...


and I too feel reluctant to buy eggs, even free range or organice ones... there is nothing like the feeling of going to collect your own eggs and saying 'well done girls' every morning, then using those eggs in the kitchen... a shop bought egg suddenly, and rather irrationally, appears like an alien thing...

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We have been doing really well, that is until the weekend.

Last Saturday marked our first 4 egg day, followed by our first no egg day in a long time! Monday we had 1 (gnut), yesterday 1 (ppot), and today 2(gnut)!

Previously we were getting 2 or 3 a day!


I have also noticed that they have all started pecking feathers, this too is since Saturday!! All 4 of them seem to be at it. They pull a feather from another and eat it. Usually while being chased by the others to see if one can grab the feather off the other.

Are they missing something in their diet?? They have layers pellets all the time. And usually every 2 or 3 days they get 'chicken soup' - a veg peeling etc. soup, and I also throw out some millet and watch them chasing and pecking around for it :).

They free rang at least half the day every other day (dependng on weather, I avoid letting them out if the garden is sodden). So should be getting worms etc.

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